Identify and Remove unused CSS from Page

If you are working on a website using some templates which comes with the framework like Bootstrap or foundation or may be your website using Metro-UI CSS, then it might possible that you are not using all the properties/selector that are included the CSS file. And believe me guys this is BIG NO to just copy that file which includes several lines of code.

I had a same scenario in which I was working on a website that uses the website template. After development I noticed that my website is taking too much time to load. Then I looked into the Network and realized what I had done. The template CSS that I included is around 5000 lines of code, which is roughly 160Kb in file size. So when every time when my page loads, it takes time because browser has to download 160Kb file.

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MongoDB Complete Installation

I know guys If you are reading this, you are here for the MongoDB Complete Installation. Before we go for the complete Installation process let me give a brief about MongoDB for those readers who just heard about it. MongoDB is the most popular NoSQL Database, if you are working on a big website and need to store large amount of data than MongoDB is one what you are looking for.

Until now may be you are thinking its looks like normal database so what is difference than RDBMS and why it is called as NoSQL.

So what is NO (Not only) in NoSQL is, the way of storing data. If you had already worked on RDBMS than you would  know that RDBMS is the way of storing data in the structured form i.e in the Row-Column pattern. NoSQL stores data in unstructured form, which gives you far better performance, scalablity etc than the RDBMS. For complete difference please refer this RDBMS vs NoSQL.

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Must Haves Visual Studio Extensions

Web development is easier when you’ve got the right tools/extensions. There are various tools and extensions available for visual studio that will make your programming more efficient by saving your lots of time and make your life as a developer easier and more productive. The Visual Studio Gallery is the best place to find tools, controls, extensions and templates, so as my favorite place too.

In this article I’m publishing my personal favorite  extension which I assume may helpful for you too as per my programming experience. This extensions may update time to time, so for now I am listing all those which are useful and must haves. You can comment those you find useful for you so we can keep this list updated and which will be useful for me and others too.

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HTML5 Local Storage and Session Storage

HTML5Local Storage and Session Storage

Before HTML5, application data of web applications are stored in cookies. In this article I will explain you what is Local Storage and Session Storage Object, How we can use it our application, What is the difference between Local and Session Storage object. Why HTML Local Storage better than cookies. So lets  start with What .

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JSON Basics for Beginners


In this article we will learn: 

  • What is JSON?
  • Benefits of using JSON
  • A simple demo for using JSON.

So lets start with  WHAT IS JSON?

JSON stands for Java Script Object Notation…It is called that because storing data with JSON creates Java Script object . This Java script object can easily be parsed with JavaScript .JSON is a data  interchange format. Data is represented in form of key/value pair . Continue reading “JSON Basics for Beginners”

Could not open a connection to SQL server

“Could not open a connection to SQL server”


network or instance specific error

Got this error !!! Don’t know what to do !!!

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How to use Mailto link in HTML

 What is Mailto Link ???

Mailto link is  basically a type of HTML link that opens a new mail window by activating the default mail client installed in your PC .


  • Now let us suppose you want to send mail to a single person using mailto link then you have to write code as :

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In this article you will understand difference between RDBMS and NoSQL.


Relational database (RDBMS)  is completely structured way of storing data like SQL and has been the primary model for database management during the past few decades and I know most of you already familiar with the SQL database . In the last several years, NoSQL database is getting widely adopted to solve various business problems. So with widely growing DB systems, developer might get confused. In this article I’II show you the difference between them and the evolution.

Relational Database Management System (RDBMS)

RDBMS is completely structured way of storing data. Itis a database management system (DBMS) that is based on the relational model. Data is stored in the form of rows and columns in RDBMS. Data is stored in the form of rows and columns in RDBMS. Some common relational database management systems that use SQL are: Oracle, Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server, Access, etc.


– >Provides data to be stored in tables
– >Persists data in the form of rows and columns
– >Provides facility primary key, to uniquely identify the rows
– >Creates indexes for quicker data retrieval
– >Provides a virtual table creation in which sensitive data can be stored and simplified query can be applied.
– >Sharing a common column in two or more tables(primary key and foreign key)
– >Provides multi user accessibility that can be controlled by individual users

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MVC Basics for Beginners

MVC Basics

In this article you will learn some basic concepts of  MVC Architecture.

So what is MVC ?

  • An Architectural design principle that separates the components of a Web Application.
  • This separation gives you more control over the individual parts of the application , which lets you more easily develop , modify and test them.
  • Three main components : The Model, The View, The Controller.
Models, Views, and Controllers
  • ModelModel holds application data , data access logic.
  • ViewMarkup and content that is returned to the browser
  • ControllerFires off some logic in response to a web browser request it listens incoming request from the browser manipulate the model data prepare the view to display in response to the web browser. 


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How to change the icon of a Console App in Visual Studio

How to change the icon of a Console App in Visual Studio

Compiling a console application will create an executable for your application, but with the default icon. You can change that icon and apply any ICO to your application which you want . In this article I’II show you in few simple steps.

  • Right Click on your project and Click on Properties. (This will open a Properties Window for you)
  • In bottom section you will find Resources as mention in the screenshot below.Resources
  • Check Icon and manifest option.
  • Select and ICO file you want it as your application icon.

If you don’t have an ICO file than I found an Online tool that will convert an image into ICO file for you.

Happy Coding.. !!