MVC HTML Helpers Methods

In this article we will learn what are HTML helper Methods that comes within MVC framework!!!!…

So What are HTML Helper Methods ???

Html Helpers methods are equivalent to ASP.Net web form controls, enables you to render HTML content, modify the HTML output .

  • HTML Helpers are more light  weight.
  • It does not have event model and viewstate.

HTML Links

The easiest way to render HTML link is to use HTML.ActionLink() helper . With MVC , the HTML.ActionLink() does not link to view rather it creates a link to controller.



HTML Helpers

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Data Entry Form using Simple HTML Helper In MVC

HTML Helper in MVC

In this article we will learn how to code for entering data form using simple HTML Helpers.

  • Create New ASP.NET MVC4 Web Application.
  • Select Razor As View Engine.
  • Right click on Model ->Add new Class ->Customer Class.HELPersModel
  • Right click on controller and -> Add new item-> CustomerController


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