What is the difference between JWT and OAuth Authentication?

Comparing JWT and OAuth is like we are comparing apple and apple cart. JWT is an authentication protocol whereas OAuth is an authentication framework. It is possible to have an OAuth implementation that issues JWT as an authentication mechanism. Before getting into more details let’s first understand individually, what is JWT and OAuth.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning Hello everyone, this article will be a part of a series of articles on Machine Learning. In this series, we will take you from the basics of Machine Learning and teach you a few of the famous algorithms used in Machine Learning. This article will be a soft introduction for those of you …

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Automating tasks with Cron jobs

Hello, everyone we are back again and this time with a handy tutorial on how to schedule tasks with Cron jobs What are Cron jobs? Cron is utility software used for automating tasks on a server system.  “Cron” stands for chronological, jobs which are supposed to run at a particular time. So using a Cron …

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Linux – Change the password of any Ubuntu user account including root

Have you forgotten your administrator password or the password of any user account on your Linux installation?  Well, worry not, because we are going to show you how to change it without needing a live installation of Linux. Things you will need: Know your way around a Linux terminal. You can change the password of …

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Basic Git Hub Usage Manual

Git Hub Usage Manual GitHub Account Creation And Setup Configuration: Need to create an account on with official email id. And also activate two factor authentication and set profile picture over there. Once done with these inform Jaco about it, so he can add you in the CeX organization account. Now create the Personal …

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What is Google Hacking ?

Google Hacking This article is going to be all about Google Hacking. We live in a world where everything and anything that you might need is available on the internet at your disposal. Most people do not know how powerful a search engine Google is. We can do a lot of useful things with the …

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Crack Windows passwords using Ophcrack

Ophcrack Ophcrack is a special kind of Linux distro that focuses primarily on password cracking, Ophcrack is basically a free open source program that requires a Linux based environment to run. Ophcrack can be used to crack passwords for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. How does Ophcrack Work? To understand how ophcrack cracks password …

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How to create tunnel to localhost using Ngrok

Ngrok – Secure Tunnel to localhost Want to host your localhost server to the Internet ? Yes Ngrok is what you are looking for. With Ngrok you can create a secure tunnel to your localhost website.  Ngrok is the lightweight tool which creates a secure tunnel on your local machine along with a public URL so that it can …

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Git Tutorials for Beginner

Before we start with this article I will suggest you to first have a quick look to these articles. Understanding GIT and GitHub Basic commands that are used in GIT Okay.. Want to start working with Git ? Confused ! where to start..  Alright I have a few suggestions for you that will answer you where to start …

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DLL Hell Problem and Solution

DLL Hell Problem DLL Hell is a problem in which two different Application share a common assembly and If one Application changes the common assembly, the changes which are not backward compatible will cause another Application to crash. Let us understand this with an example. Let say you have two Applications, we can call it …

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