How to use Mailto link in HTML

 What is Mailto Link ???

Mailto link is  basically a type of HTML link that opens a new mail window by activating the default mail client installed in your PC .


  • Now let us suppose you want to send mail to a single person using mailto link then you have to write code as :

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How to change the icon of a Console App in Visual Studio

How to change the icon of a Console App in Visual Studio

Compiling a console application will create an executable for your application, but with the default icon. You can change that icon and apply any ICO to your application which you want . In this article I’II show you in few simple steps.

  • Right Click on your project and Click on Properties. (This will open a Properties Window for you)
  • In bottom section you will find Resources as mention in the screenshot below.Resources
  • Check Icon and manifest option.
  • Select and ICO file you want it as your application icon.

If you don’t have an ICO file than I found an Online tool that will convert an image into ICO file for you.

Happy Coding.. !!

SQL naming conventions

SQL naming conventions

This article is for standards for the SQL naming convention. I listed all basic which I found useful. May this will benefit you too.

Databases and Files

  • The database name should accurately reflect the database content and function. Use the Pascal case structure for database names. E.g., Northwind
  • Use both upper and lower case letters as appropriate. Do not use spaces or underscores in the name
  • File names must match the database name

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C# Coding Standards

C-sharpC# Coding Standards

General Naming Conventions

Following a consistent set of naming conventions can be a major contribution to readability. Beyond consistency of form, names of application and framework elements must be easily understood and must convey the functions of each element.

Word Choice

It is important that the names of identifiers make sense on the first reading. Identifier names should clearly state what each member does and what each type and parameter represents. To this end, it is more important that the name be clear than that it be short. Names should correspond to scenarios, logical or physical parts of the system, and well-known concepts rather than to technologies or architecture.


Do choose easily readable identifier names. For example, a property named HorizontalAlignment is more readable in English than AlignmentHorizontal.
Do favour readability over brevity. The property name CanScrollHorizontally is better than ScrollableX (an obscure reference to the X-axis).

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How to Format SQL query

How to Format SQL query?

While working on SQL queries especially when one is dealing is large lines of  SQL codein that case formatted and refracted query is a live savior. In this blog I’II provide you with the solution  which I found quite useful.

#Formatting SQL query using SSMS 

This is for the guys who regularly have to deal with the queries. There is no built in formatting in SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio) although Ctrl + Shift + Q will give you a Query Designer window from which you can copy formatted query but there are plugins available that will integrate with SSMS. There are a million others out there but not all of them that do plug into management studio, but the one I know of and it works very well is Apex SQL Refactor. It is a free plugin. Integrates with SSMS. Downside is that it is an all or nothing process. It does not refactor as you type. For complete  Installation Guide of Apex SQL Refactor, you may refer this.

#Formatting SQL query using Online Tool

This is one of the quick solution if you don’t have any plugin or you don’t want to as you may not have to deal more with SQL queries, there are tools that will do formatting for you. Again guys there are many online free tools available that you can use to format your large queries. One of my favorite is SQL-Format because apart from formatting it will give you many option, desktop version for this is also available but I prefer to better save  my PC storage and do it online.


How to turn windows 8 PC into Wifi Hotspot

How to turn windows 8 PC into Wifi Hotspot

In this article I’II explain you  “How you turn your PC into Wifi hotspot through command prompt”.

If you find yourself with a modem but no router, you can share one computer’s connection to other devices with a few commands. The wireless connection can be shared and used by other computers, tablets and phones. You’ll need to ensure that your computer has a wired and wireless network connection, or a data and Wifi connection. If you are not sure don’t worry I’II show you the command for this too .

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How to attach EXE file in Gmail

How to attach EXE file in Gmail ?

Most email providers, like G mail, don’t allow you to send executable or “.exe” files as G-Mail is most widely used mailing service hence security is a prime concern for Google because it contains the important confidential content/ data that yours . But this security sometime prevents us from doing something like sending exe as attachment, that’s why you will get a prompt while attaching .exe like below.



To maintain the security of data , Google has a great security filter which scans your attachments for malicious contents. So it wont allow you to send the .exe extension files even if you wrap it in a zip or rar.

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