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Code Hot-fix is created to solve the various day to day programming issues of developers whether they are beginners or professionals. Apart from this, Code Hot-fix will provide you latest technical tips for building technical skills.  The content of this blog is provided by our own experience or by reading different articles to provide you with the solution in a single place.

Who Are We?

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“Hey ! I’m Akshay Tiwari, professionally I’m a Full Stack Developer. My programming experience includes  C#, iOS Development, Relational Database,NoSql, ASP, ASP.NET, WCF, Client-side coding and Machine Leaning and loves to explore technologies, fascinated about modern technologies..”



Shivani_Tiwari“Hey there, I am Shivani ,  professionally a Software Developer , I have successfully delivered various projects in C# ,WCF, ASP.NET MVC , HTML5 , JQUERY , AJAX ,SQL. The solutions  which I got from my queries ,  will share with you guys on this platform so that our site will be useful to you in  fixing  your queries.”



“Hi, I’m Ritesh, A programmer, Technical Writer, And a Linux Enthusiast and currently in love with and pursuing deep learning.”

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