Analyse JavaScript Code with JSLint

jslintlogoIn this article we will know how to analyse JavaScript with JSLint and why it is important but first we will start with what is JavaScript.

Java Script is a high level, untyped, and interpreted programming and most importantly its a dynamic programming language (term dynamic used for the those programming languages which, at runtime, execute many common programming behaviors rather than compile time). So that’s why you will never get compile time errors, and you will never get Type Safety with Java Script.

While working on a client side code, we just keep adding the lines of code in our JavaScript (.js) file without knowing whether our JavaScript code complies with coding rules or not. So here analyzing JavaScript code came into picture

You may found various tools over web but I feel JSLint quite better than others for me. JSLint is a static code analysis online tool for JavaScript. You can use it to analyse your big JS code.

How to Analyse JavaScript with JSLint

  • Open JSLintJSlint
  • Paste your JavaScript Code
  • In Option Section you can Select Multiple Option which you want to consider for analysis or not.
  • Click on JSLint button.
  •  You will get an output window below with your code analysis by JSLint like Code format validation, Use of var etc.

Hope this will help you.. !!


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