Avoid Multiple ASP .NET Deployment server

Avoid Multiple ASP .NET Deployment serverDeployment Server

Annoying Right ? I used to work on different projects and during debugging I found  a bit of an annoying behavior within Visual Studio. When debugging a solution that contains multiple project/application.

Visual Studio starts up a very new development web server for each project/application within your solution. After spending time on looking to the setting I finally came across the solution.

Before jumping to the solution. I would like  to tell you why? In Visual Studio, there is a hidden project-level property that controls the behavior. The property is “Always Start When Debugging”  by default  the property is set to True.

To disable it, just select the project and press F4 (the function key) this will open the property window for you. Set it to false and yes you are done.

What if I have multiple project or web application within a Solution ?

Yeah when you are working on a BIG  projects or for a firm, obviously you have a multiple application within a solution. Say if you have 50 projects in a solution than changing each and every project property  is a big pain.

Don’t worry I’m not leaving you with the pain . I found one  very useful extension of  Visual Studio which is a life savior for such problem.After installing it just right click on you solution hierarchy and choose “Disable web server for all project” . Yes you are good to go now.

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