Understanding GIT and GitHub

In this article I’ll explain you what is GIT and GitHub ? May be you have a basic idea about git or you just heard about it.  First I would like to start with GIT. Understanding GIT will give you better understanding what GitHub is. What is GIT ? GIT is a widely used distributed  version …

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In this article you will understand difference between RDBMS and NoSQL. RDBMS vs NoSQL Relational database (RDBMS)  is completely structured way of storing data like SQL and has been the primary model for database management during the past few decades and I know most of you already familiar with the SQL database . In the last …

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MVC Basics for Beginners

MVC Basics In this article you will learn some basic concepts of  MVC Architecture. So what is MVC ? An Architectural design principle that separates the components of a Web Application. This separation gives you more control over the individual parts of the application , which lets you more easily develop , modify and test …

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SQL naming conventions

SQL naming conventions This article is for standards for the SQL naming convention. I listed all basic which I found useful. May this will benefit you too. Databases and Files The database name should accurately reflect the database content and function. Use the Pascal case structure for database names. E.g., Northwind Use both upper and lower …

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C# Coding Standards

C# Coding Standards General Naming Conventions Following a consistent set of naming conventions can be a major contribution to readability. Beyond consistency of form, names of application and framework elements must be easily understood and must convey the functions of each element. Word Choice It is important that the names of identifiers make sense on …

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How to Format SQL query

How to Format SQL query? While working on SQL queries especially when one is dealing is large lines of  SQL code , in that case formatted and refracted query is a live savior. In this blog I’II provide you with the solution  which I found quite useful. #Formatting SQL query using SSMS  This is for the guys who regularly …

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How to turn windows 8 PC into Wifi Hotspot

How to turn windows 8 PC into Wifi Hotspot In this article I’II explain you  “How you turn your PC into Wifi hotspot through command prompt”. If you find yourself with a modem but no router, you can share one computer’s connection to other devices with a few commands. The wireless connection can be shared …

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IIS Application Pools Pros and Cons

IIS Application Pools Pros and Cons In this article we are going to see the IIS Application Pools Pros and Cons, before we start lets start what is Application pool identity, it is the name of the service or user account under which the application pool’s worker process runs. It denotes the system level privileges with …

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How to Edit IIS ApplicationHost file

How to Edit IIS ApplicationHost file? What is Application Host file? ApplicationHost.config is the root file of the configuration system when you are using IIS 7 and above. It includes definitions of all sites, applications, virtual directories and application pools, as well as global defaults for the web server settings. 

Avoid Multiple ASP .NET Deployment server

Avoid Multiple ASP .NET Deployment server Annoying Right ? I used to work on different projects and during debugging I found  a bit of an annoying behavior within Visual Studio. When debugging a solution that contains multiple project/application. Visual Studio starts up a very new development web server for each project/application within your solution. After spending …

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