Data Entry Form using Simple HTML Helper In MVC

HTML Helper in MVC

In this article we will learn how to code for entering data form using simple HTML Helpers.

  • Create New ASP.NET MVC4 Web Application.
  • Select Razor As View Engine.
  • Right click on Model ->Add new Class ->Customer Class.HELPersModel
  • Right click on controller and -> Add new item-> CustomerController


  • Right Click On Index and Add View.



  • Modify your DisplayCustomer.cshtml View as :


  • Build you project. and Run .


Once you run the application and go to url  “……./Customer/Index”  you will see the form in which details are to be filled, after saving the details you will be redirected to DisplayCustomer view as Shown above.

That’s it ..Isn’t it very simple??

Happy Coding !!!!

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