Enabling SSL with IIS Express in Visual Studio Express

Enabling SSL with IIS Express in Visual Studio 2015

  • Select the startup project and press F4 (the function key) this will open the property window.
  • To enable the SSL with in IIS Express, you have to just set “SSL Enabled = true” in the project properties.
  • Once you change the value, Visual Studio set in automatic the SSL URL, e.g., https://localhost:44301/.
  • Copy SSL URL. Go to the Advance properties by pressing Alt+Enter, select the Web tab and set the Project URL with the same value of SSL URL, e.g., https://localhost:44301/.
  • Now you have configured the default URL of the web application, we can run the site (F5 or CTRL + F5).PS: The first time you set the secure protocol on IIS Express, you will be prompted to install the certificate for SSL.

    Enabling SSL

    If you are getting “IIS Error: cannot add duplicate collection entry of type ‘mimeMap’ with unique key attribute ‘fileExtension

    Please refer this .

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