Secure your message from hackers

Secure your message from hackers using Burn NoteSometimes you may have fall into the situation where you need to send a private or confidential message like password , your banking details etc. either to your family or friends but you are afraid about security of message from hackers. I do face the same problem, and for that I have solution too.

Burn Note is the mobile app which ensure your message privacy and confidentiality.You don’t have to worry about a message falling into the wrong hands,Burn Note sends the self destructive message that automatically delete the message after a few interval once the message is opened.

The length of the Timer is automatically calculated from the message length, don’t worry you can also increase or decrease the length of timer as per your requirement. There are others web application available but I found Burn Note more handy as mobile application is available on both Apple as well as Google Play Store.

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