Basic Git Hub Usage Manual

Git Hub Usage Manual GitHub Account Creation And Setup Configuration: Need to create an account on with official email id. And also activate two factor authentication and set profile picture over there. Once done with these inform Jaco about it, so he can add you in the CeX organization account. Now create the Personal …

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Git Tutorials for Beginner

Before we start with this article I will suggest you to first have a quick look to these articles. Understanding GIT and GitHub Basic commands that are used in GIT Okay.. Want to start working with Git ? Confused ! where to start..  Alright I have a few suggestions for you that will answer you where to start …

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Basic commands that are used in GIT

Basic Commands used in GIT Here I’m listing all basic Commands used in GIT bash. git –version: Tells you about version git –global Page on “Code Hotfix” : Register user name git –global “” : Register user email git config –list : Git Config git help / git help command : Git help pwd : Gives you …

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Understanding GIT and GitHub

In this article I’ll explain you what is GIT and GitHub ? May be you have a basic idea about git or you just heard about it.  First I would like to start with GIT. Understanding GIT will give you better understanding what GitHub is. What is GIT ? GIT is a widely used distributed  version …

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