Render Pdf bytes array within browser in MVC

Render Pdf within browser There are different ways to render Pdf in a browser. In this I’m explaining to render Pdf by fileContent/byte array. In a below example I’m using Index Action which returns the FileContentResult. public ActionResult Index() { Response.Clear(); Response.AddHeader(“Content-Disposition”,“inline; filename=sample.pdf”); Response.AddHeader(“Content-Type”,“application/pdf”); Response.ClearHeaders(); Response.AddHeader(“Content-Length”, byteArray.Length.ToString()); FileContentResult result = new FileContentResult(byteArray, “application/pdf”); return result; } …

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How to achieve multithreading in Java Script

Achieve Multithreading in Java Script Alright, before we start let me admit that JavaScript is a single-threaded environment, JavaScript historically suffers from an important limitation that all its execution process remains inside a single thread. On the web you may found the various ways to archive multi-threading but as far as I know, the only way is HTML5 Web …

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Export to excel table without hitting server using Jquery

Want to export the data to excel, but don’t  want to hit server again and again ?? So here is the simple way out for you. In the following steps you will understand how simply we can export the data to excel sheet by using jquery.

HTML5 Local Storage and Session Storage

Local Storage and Session Storage Before HTML5, application data of web applications are stored in cookies. In this article I will explain you what is Local Storage and Session Storage Object, How we can use it our application, What is the difference between Local and Session Storage object. Why HTML Local Storage better than cookies. So lets  start with What .

How to use Mailto link in HTML

 What is Mailto Link ??? Mailto link is  basically a type of HTML link that opens a new mail window by activating the default mail client installed in your PC .   Now let us suppose you want to send mail to a single person using mailto link then you have to write code as …

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