In this article you will understand difference between RDBMS and NoSQL. RDBMS vs NoSQL Relational database (RDBMS)  is completely structured way of storing data like SQL and has been the primary model for database management during the past few decades and I know most of you already familiar with the SQL database . In the last …

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SQL naming conventions

SQL naming conventions This article is for standards for the SQL naming convention. I listed all basic which I found useful. May this will benefit you too. Databases and Files The database name should accurately reflect the database content and function. Use the Pascal case structure for database names. E.g., Northwind Use both upper and lower …

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How to Format SQL query

How to Format SQL query? While working on SQL queries especially when one is dealing is large lines of  SQL code , in that case formatted and refracted query is a live savior. In this blog I’II provide you with the solution  which I found quite useful. #Formatting SQL query using SSMS  This is for the guys who regularly …

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